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Bar grating stair treads / Metal Structure Tread Flooring

Metal grating panels make ideal stair treads for steel ladders. Bar grating ladders are used in the steel structure design and manufacture in waste water treatment and water plants. Featuring self-cleaning, skid-resistance and econoic cost, bar grating is formed with bearing bars and cross bars. The grating bearing bars can be ordinary plain flat or serrated flat metal plates. It is easy for installation and can be upplied in module sizes.


Size Of Cross Bar: 5mmX5mm,6mmX6mm,8mmX8mm,10mmX10mm.

Grating Panel Width X Thickness(mm): 20X3,20X5,25X3,25X5,30X3,30X4,30X5,32X3,32X4,32X5,35X3,35X4,35X5, 40X4,40X5,40X6,50X3,50X4,50X5,60X5

Pitch of Bearing Bar: 20MM, 25MM, 30MM, 34MM, 38MM, 40MM, 50MM, 60MM, 70MM, 80MM, 90MM,100MM
Grate Panel Angle / Width:  73°/ 600 ,   59°/ 700 ,   51° /700 , 51° /900 ,  45°/ 700 ,   45° /900 ,  73°/ 600,   59°/ 700,   51° /700, 51° /900,  
45°/ 700,   45°/ 900, 45°/ 1100,   73°/ 600,   59° /700, 51°/ 700,   51°/ 900, 45° /700, 45° /900.

Popular Metal Grates Stair Treads:

Hot Dipped Galvanized Stair Treads

Materidal: Steel Grating
The hot dipped zinc coating adds corrosion resistance for the steel ladders and saves maintenance and cost.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Bar Grating Platform

Welded Steel Bar Grate Treads:

Welded steel bar stair treads are the most widely used walkway structures for their strength and ease of installation. Universally used in most industrial and commercial structural flooring applications.

Material: Low carbon iron sheet 
Flat bar: 3-8mm 
Twisted bar: common 6 mm.

Welded Steel Bar Grates

Galvanized Serrated Bar Twisted Square Rod For Stairs Treads

Galvanized Iron Grating Steel Ladders