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Expanded Metal Grating - Sheet Metal Decking and Flooring Structures

Expanded metal gratings are expanded metal grids in structures of single pieces sheet metals with no joints or welding spots. The expanded steel and aluminum grates are often used in the construction of bridge decks, walkways floors, catwalks and drain covers. The surface can be raised or flat with diamond opening. Hexagonal and other mesh patterns are also offered. According to loading capacities and strength, expanded metal sheets can be divided into Standard mesh, Medium and Heavy Type. Materials manufactured in mild steel and aluminium. Stainless steel optional.

Structures of Expanded Metal and Advantages Using as Flooring Panels:

Expanded metal grates are manufactured via extruding continuously from sheet metal or plates to form a single piece metal materials and contain no joints or welds, leaving a smooth look. The expanded metal mesh sheets are structurally stronger than the original material from which they are made. Expanded metal grating provides a cost-effective and strong weight-to-load product for most load bearing applications.

Expanded Metal Flooring

Expanded metal has the features of diamond mesh serrated pattern, giving excellent nonslip characteristics, as well as being a lightweight and strong section. Ideal for conveyor walkways, inclines, or for severe conditions where slip resistant floors are required.

This modular standard grating panels find applications such as tool room floors, office staff bridges, fire protection landings or walkways and a range of other architectural uses. It offers a lightweight, strong section which is ideal for use on conveyor walkways, inclines or anywhere slip- resistant floors are required.

Popular Expanded Metal Grating Products

Trailer Decking

Slipping resistant expanded metal is the permanent safety solution to existing slippery flooring for trailer decking and floors. Manufactured in nominal sheet sizes of 2400 x 1200. Cut to size is available on request. Please note that the maximum width is approximately 1225m.

Trailer Flooring Plates

Expanded Metal Walkway Flooring

Expanded Mesh Flooring

Manufactured in standard 6m x 250mm wide sections. Can be cut to suit the standard lengths for various

walkway widths.

Material: Carbon Steel,Galvanized Steel,Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Variety: Small, medium and heavy expanded metal mesh.
Pattern: Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape.
Features: The expanded metal mesh is strong and durable, with pleasing appearance in its shapes.

Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Flooring Steel Grating

Expanded metal drain covering steel grating sheets and heavy duty expanded metal walking steel deck floor grating.

Aluminum Expanded Metal Diamond Hole Sheet Grate Structures

Aluminum Expanded Grate Flooring     expanded metal lowes steel grating