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Steel Bar Grating Panels, Smooth, Serrated

Steel Grating Panels are general purpose grating panels made of mild steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel bars and plates with a flat or serrated surface.

Steel Grating, Smooth, Non Serrated

Steel grating panels with the following specs:
Height x Bar Thickness: 3/4" x 3/16".
Panel Length: 20 ft
Panel Width: 23 or less for 1 5/16" or 1 3/16".
Ped Span: 46.
Cross Bar Spacing: 2" (19W2) smooth (non-serrated).
Surface: Smooth

Steel Grating, Serrated

Steel grating, serrated galvanized
Size: 6000x1000x35mm
Height of banding bar: 35mm
Thickness/width of banding bar: 5mm or 6mm distance between serrated bars (center to
Distance between serration ties (center to center): 103mm
Thickness of tie rods:8.0mm
Material certificate to bs en10204-3.1b

Grating panels, hot dip galvanised, serrated
30mm x 5mm serrated cross bars spacing 50mm
Panel length: 6m
Materials-355 kl + 20.
Mill test certificate to bs en10204- 3.1b

Steel Grating Panles

Panels sizes 14.4" x 36.4" (width x span) of steel gratings
19-W-2 smooth (non serrated)
Bearing bar size of 3/4" x1/8".

lSP Steel Grating

Galvanised steel grating to cover air shafts
BS EN :1994 Group 1 minimum class A15
Supported width 2.2m
Lengths from 20m to 60m
Free air area: 80%
Pitch: 30mm

Removable Grating

Removable steel grating (4' x 2'6")
Bearing Bar 2" x 3/8" , 1-3/8" O.C.
1/2" cross bar, 4" O.C.
Hot-Dipped Galvanized Finish