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Swage Locked Bar grating

Swage-locked Grating is manufactured with optional ā€œIā€ or rectangular bearing bar. These metal bars are permanently locked to the crossing rods with a swaging process which reshapes the metal rods.

Structures and Comparing of Swaged I Bar and Rectangular Bar Gratings:
The I-bars are permanently locked to the cross rods (positioned every 2" or 4") by a swaging process.
Swage-Locked Rectangular Bar Grating uses the swaging process to permanently lock the cross rods (positioned every 2" or 4") to the rectangular bars. There are mainly two reasons that make Swage-locked I-bar grating more popularly used compared with Rectangular grating. One is I-bar swage-locked is lighter weight and less costly than a rectangular bar grating with the same bar thickness, though I-bars reduce the open spaces of the grating because of the flange width. Second reason is that I-bar swage-locked maintains load ratings, it provides the strength equal to a rectangular bar of the same depth, but at far less weight.

Rectangular swage-locked bar grating is available with the cross rods flush with the top of the bearing bars, or with the cross rods near the middle of the bearing bar. These options are available if a specific look is desired.

Popular Swaged Bar Grating Products:

Swage Locked Rectangular Bar Grating with Close Mesh Structure
Heavy Loading Close Mesh Swage locked grating is mainly used as sidewalk and subway grating for heavy pedestrian traffic with a flush-top walking surface. The rectangular bar is also available in a serrated surface for additional safety. Finished with zinc plated hot dipped galvanizing.

Close Mesh Swaged Bar Grates

Standard Swage Locked I-Bar Aluminum Grating Panels

I-Bar Aluminum Swage Locking Bar features light weight, low cost, high strength. The bearing bars are non-slippery. Suitable for walkways and trench grates.

 I-Bar Swaged Locking Grating

Swage Locked Aluminum Sunscreens and Facade Panels

High-strength, light weight and economical grates products for architectural designs. It is ideal for entrance mats (using rubber inserts on top of the bearing bars), sunscreens panels or facades cladding in modern buildings.