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Aluminum Bar Grates Stair Tread / Walkway Ladders with Optional Anti-Slippery Nosing

Aluminum stair treads are manufactured with aluminum grating channels as main body fitted with plain top or serrated metal plate for a firm grip. Kingde offers aluminum bar grating with no-nosing or perforated metal plate nosing.

Corrosion resistant, non-sparking, rustproof aluminum grating has many applications due to its light weight and high strength. It is ideally suited for use in corrosive environments and finds wide applications as walkways and platforms in sewage treatment plants, refineries, chemical processing plants, pumping and compressor stations, and aboard ships and barges.

Stair Treads of Aluminium Grating Panels are widely used for different types of metal ladders.

Aluminum bar grating stair tread features light weight, easy installation, strong structure & aesthetic appearance, good water permeability. We provide many specifications and shapes, no nosing or plate nosing styles.

Popular Stair Treads Products:

Anti-Slip Aluminium Stair Nosing Stair Tread,
Aluminium Stair Non Nosing Tread Ladder,
Carborundum Strip Aluminum Stair Tread Capping,
Aluminum Stair Tread Nosing On Wood Stairway,
Outdoor Non-Slip Aluminium Grating Stair Treads.

Outdoor Non-slip Aluminium Bar Grating Stair Treads:
Fitted with aluminum multi-bar checkered plates.

Aluminum Bar Grating Panels Used for Stair Ladders

Safty Metal Plate for Nosing

Anodized Aluminium Profile Stair Nosing with Square Nose Side

1. Anti slip and durable.
2. Square nose side and bevel grooved safety side.
3. Multiple carborundum insert colors for choice.
4. Easy to install and clean up.
5. Long-standing service.
6.Anodized aluminum profile base available.

Anti-Slip Aluminium Nosing

Aluminium Walkway Stair Nosing

Aluminium Stair Nosing is a truly original alternative to conventional aluminium stair treads. These durable and yet lightweight aluminium stair nosing are easy to handle and fit.

Aluminum stair tread nosing
1.beaing bar:25*5mm
2.cross bar:6mm,8mm

Aluminum Stair Nosing

Carborundum Strip Aluminum Stair Tread Capping

We provide optimum slip resistance and luminance contrast on the leading edge of stairs and will also protect the stair edge to enhance the service life of your assets.

Strip Capping for Aluminum Step Tread

Aluminum Base Wood Stairway Nosing


Simple installation
Excellent anti-slip performation


1. Aluminum base, firm and durable
2. Rubber strips, anti-slip, wear-resistance, aging resistance.
3. Environment friendly, non-toxic

Stair Tread